About Us

Too be beauty is a cosmetic brand that incorporates “lip care” products specially formulated by enriching the active ingredients with 24 carat gold, which are needed to properly moisturize the lips, make them look more vivid and fuller and especially for the anti-aging.

Gold is a precious metal that has always been on the agenda of mankind since ancient times. It has attracted and still attracts people not only as a sign of wealth due to economic requirements, but also as an instrument of emotion, health and beauty. It adorns the tables of the upper class today as it was in the past and takes its place on the tables with dignity as the irreplaceable part of the prestigious menus and adds meaning.

As an instrument of beauty, gold was used in ancient times in ancient India (part of the Ayurvedic natural healing system), China, as well as in ancient Egypt. Cleopatra’s gold masks are considered as the main cause of her famous skin glow, beauty and allure. Today, gold masks are still popular and people are using them more and more. So what does gold mean for our skin?

As a result of clinical studies on gold, we learn that gold is easily absorbed by our skin. The main purpose of the use of gold is to prevent and reduce the signs of aging and the signs that negatively affect our appearance by reducing the wrinkles and lines on our skin. Gold gives our skin a fresher, radiant and younger look, and helps to accelerate cell regeneration.

Studies have revealed the anti-bacterial properties of gold. Gold positively affects cellular functions and helps provide a new level of energy and transport oxygen molecules directly to the skin. The result is the revitalization of the skin and attaining a more youthful and radiant appearance. The youthful and healthy appearance of our skin depends on the efficiency of the cell regeneration process.

  • Wastes and toxins accumulated in the system
  • UV-rays and chemical attacks
  • Oxidation process in collagen fibers
  • Elastin breaks

which cause premature deformation of our skin, slow down normal skin functionality by damaging our skin tissue and deform our skin by accelerating the aging process – formation of wrinkles and sagging, loss of moisture and skin radiance.

Gold, on the other hand, helps to increase cell regeneration efficiency by stimulating cell regeneration. In addition, gold helps reverse the damages caused by oxidation, while its anti-inflammatory properties promote the removal of toxins and wastes from our skin by stimulating lymphatic drainage and our blood circulation. Gold helps prevent skin sagging and reduce wrinkles by slowing down collagen degradation in the skin and inhibiting elastin breaks.

As a result, gold helps our skin to gain a tighter, elastic, youthful and radiant appearance. Gold is an ideal active agent for any skin type – dry, oily, normal.

In summary, gold has three important properties for our skin. These are;

Due to its purifying, stimulating and regenerating, anti-radical scavenger properties, which have been described in more detail above, it provides the skin with a tighter, fresh, youthful, smooth and brilliant appearance.

Anti-Photo Aging
Due to its anti-inflammatory property, gold helps the skin to repair cellular damage caused by the sun. By inhibiting the production of melanin in the skin, it positively effects the reduction of melanin spots on the skin.

A Brilliant Skin
Its purifying and pigmentation-reducing properties help lighten skin color, giving the skin a luminous, radiant and homogeneous appearance.

Efficacy Test

Number of subjects10 + 2 Caucasian skin type female volunteer, ethnically mixed, Phototype l-ll
AgesHealthy volunteers between 40 and 65
Tested onRight and left forearms and facial area
Product withimpregnation of gold leafs on a O/W based skin
Test duration8 weeks

Test Criteria and Result

Increase in skin moisture+13%(on forearms)
Increase in skin elasticity+15%(on face)
Increase in skin tightness+ 9%(on face)
Reduction in skin peeling– 12%(on forearms)
Reduction in micro wrinkles– 5%(on forearms)

Emotional Evaluation

My skin is more moist> 80%
My skin is smoother> 80%
My skin is more well-groomed> 80%
I will buy and recommend this product> 70%
My skin is more radiant, more vibrant, tighter and brighter100% without exception