“Too Be Beauty Lip Volumizer” – a unique experience for fleshy lips with its 24 carat lip gloss form

The brand offers a golden opportunity to gain a fascinating beauty on your brilliant lips!

The secret to make the lips look bigger and livelier is hidden in the stylish packaging of Too Be Beauty 24 K Pure Gold Lip Volumizer. By launching a unique lip care product using 24 karat gold, Too Be Beauty has realized something that hasn’t been done in the industry. The company exports the formula of lips that  are visibly charming without pain and any medical treatment. Tugba Bahar Köksal, who determined her brand slogan as “Are you ready to experience the uniqueness?”, told the story of the emergence of her brand and export targets to Beauty Türkiye.

Could you tell us about the establishment story of Too Be Beauty brand? How did the idea to launch your brand emerge? Which regions do you operate at?

Our head office is located in Turkey. We  are a manufacturer  and an exporter company in this field. Too Be Beauty cosmetic brand started its work during the pandemic period. We have been following world brands and newly released clinical products closely for a long time. As a result of our 1-year R&D studies, we have proven with clinical and dermatests that 24 carat pure gold is very effective on the lips. As a result of all these efforts, we launched the Too Be Beauty 24 K Pure Gold Lip Volumizer brand.

We export Too Be Beauty 24 K Pure Gold Lip Volumizer all over the world. Recently, the biggest demand came from Russia, India and most European countries, and especially from the Middle Eastern countries.

We  are happy and proud that we achieved effective results  and broke new ground by using gold for the first time in the cosmetics industry in this field.

Can you tell us about your lip care product formulated by combining its active ingredients with 24 carat gold? How does it manage to make the lips look bigger and charming?

This formula, which has passed dermatological and clinical tests, makes our brand a pioneer. According to the results of the Invivo clinical studies carried out in Poland’s SkinLab Laboratories and the test results performed in Germany’s Dermatest Laboratories, it has been observed that the pH  value of our product is compatible with the lip skin and does not cause any allergic reaction. According to the results of the efficacy tests, it has also been proven to significantly increase the lip volume after regular use. Thanks to the natural actives in its content, it makes a mild peeling effect on the lip skin and ensures the removal of dead cells. According to user results, after 28 days, lips were 80% fuller, 90% more pronounced lip contour, 95% more moist and pink.

According to the 56-day efficacy report, these rates revealed that 90% voluminous, 95% more moist and prominent lip contour, and 100% more pink lips. These effective results are the mirror of our brand.

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